Vivexotic Tortoise Table

The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is an easy to clean, complete home for a pet tortoise.

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The Vivexotic Tortoise Table the ultimate option for anyone looking for a stylish, durable home for their hard-shelled friend that’s both easy to assemble and easy to clean.

  • Full-length decorative glass panel easily removable for cleaning
  • Features an enclosed sleeping area with hinged lid for easy access. This area can also accommodate a standard seed tray which can be filled with soil.
  • Solid back and toughened glass allow for more safety and a longer product lifespan
  • Designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly
  • Available in 3 stylish finishes – Oak, Black, and Grey
  • Matching Vivexotic Medium Cabinets available for all 3 finishes

Dimensions (mm)
Width 900, Depth 509, Height 215

Recommended product combinations:
Oak Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4193 plus 1 x PT4038
Black Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4194 plus 1 x PT4150
Grey Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4195 plus 1 x PT4180

Recommended products to complete your Tortoise Table:
1 x Exo Terra Desert Heat Mat – Nano – PT2028
1 x Exo Terra Wire lamp holder 40 – 150W – PT2060
1 x Exo Terra Light Bracket – PT2223
1 x Exo Terra Solar Glo Lamp 125W – PT2192

Weight 100 kg
Colours available

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  • Sustainable

    All our timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests.

  • Easy Self Assembly

    Vivexotic vivariums and cabinets are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly.

  • Toughened Glass

    All the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS- EN-12150 kite marked standards.