Vivexotic Tortoise Table

The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is an easy to clean, complete home for a pet tortoise.

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The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is the ultimate option for anyone looking for a stylish, durable home for their hard-shelled friend that’s both easy to assemble and easy to clean. It is designed specifically to cater to the needs of all tortoises, including Hermann’s, Horsfield’s, and Marginated Tortoises.

Its full-length glass panel can be removed for easy cleaning and access, and features a printed grass pattern to avoid the common issue of a tortoise banging against the glass. The enclosed sleeping area also has a hinged lid for ease of access, and can also accommodate a standard seed tray which can be filled with soil.

The modern finish and colour options ensure that this tortoise table will look great in any home, even moreso when paired with a matching Vivexotic cabinet to create a stunning tortoise display while preserving your floor space.

Key Features:

  • Full-length decorative glass panel easily removable for cleaning
  • Printed grass pattern helps prevent your tortoise from banging against the glass
  • Open-top design ensures superior ventilation
  • Enclosed sleeping area with hinged lid for easy access.
  • High walls, solid back and toughened glass allow for more safety and a longer product lifespan
  • Designed and flat-packed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly
  • Includes a slim line light bracket to suspend your light dome from
  • Available in 3 stylish finishes – Oak, Black, and Grey
  • Matching Vivexotic Medium Cabinets available for all 3 finishes

Dimensions (mm)
Width 900, Depth 509, Height 215

Recommended product combinations:
Oak Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4193 plus 1 x PT4038
Black Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4194 plus 1 x PT4150
Grey Tortoise Table with Cabinet: order 1 x PT4195 plus 1 x PT4180

Recommended products to complete your Tortoise Table:
1 x Exo Terra Desert Heat Mat – Nano – PT2028
1 x Exo Terra Wire lamp holder 40 – 150W – PT2060
1 x Exo Terra Solar Glo Lamp 125W – PT2192

Weight100 kg
Colours available

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  • Sustainable

    All our timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests.

  • Easy Self Assembly

    Vivexotic vivariums and cabinets are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly.

  • Toughened Glass

    All the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS- EN-12150 kite marked standards.