Repti-Home Arboreal Vivarium – Medium

VivExotic’s Reptihome range expands upwards, with new arboreal vivariums ideal for climbing and forest dwelling reptiles. These vivariums come equipped with a plethora of premium features, such as the innovative Easy Vent cable access system, while remaining affordable and easy to assemble.

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The all-new VivExotic Reptihome Arboreal range is specifically made for reptiles who love to climb. Being 30% bigger than standard Reptihome Vivariums, and taller than the Reptihome Maxi range, this vivarium has plenty of space to decorate with climbing structures for your reptile to enjoy. Its deeper rails allow for deeper substrate and less obtrusive lighting installation, letting it become a window into an exotic, tropical world.

The EasyVent system makes installing and changing electrical equipment a piece of cake, letting you fit the plugs through the vent with little fuss. All glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic “”Slidestopper”” door plug to prevent escapes, with the option of adding a (separately sold) stainless steel lock and key for added security. VivExotic vivariums are made in the UK with 100% recycled or FSC sustainable timber, and designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly. Their solid back and toughened glass panels allow for a much stronger, durable and safer vivarium overall.

This vivarium comes in three colours: black, grey and oak, and can be fitted on top of a matching cabinet (sold separately)


  • Arboreal range lets you give your reptile maximum room
  • 30% more floor space than standard ReptiHome
  • Deeper rails allow deeper substrate and less obtrusive lighting installation
  • Solid back and toughened glass allow for more safety and a longer product lifespan
  • Designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly
  • Features an innovative cable access system for ease of installation
  • Pre-drilled sliding glass door and “Slidestopper” door plug help prevent escapes
  • Available in 3 different colours to fit any environment
  • Made entirely from recycled and FSC sustainable timber
  • Manufactured in the UK

Dimensions (L x D x H): 86.2 x 49 x 91.5 cm

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  • Sustainable

    All our timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests.

  • Easy Self Assembly

    Vivexotic vivariums and cabinets are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly.

  • Toughened Glass

    All the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS- EN-12150 kite marked standards.